100 Institutions
  100.01 County Board Rules
  100.01A Amending County Board Rules
200 Welfare
  200.01 Social Services
  200.02 Developmental Disability
  200.03 Increase Size of Social Services Board
  200.04 Public Health Nuisance Ordinance
300 Traffic
  300.01 Traffic
  300.02 Abandoned Vehicles
  300.03 Services Fees
  300.04 Park on County Lands
  300.05 Highway Access for Special Events Ordinance
350 Blackhawk Lake
  350.01 Prohibit Unauthorized use of Motor Vehicles
  350.02 Prohibit Unauthorized Commercial Use
  350.03 Prohibit Unauthorized Entrance or Camping
  350.04 Prohibit Loud Noise During Quiet Time
  350.05 Prohibit Failing to Obey Traffic Signs
  350.06 Prohibit Unauthorized Boat Mooring
  350.07 Prohibit any Violation of Chapter NR 45
  350.08 Prohibit Unleashed Pets or Pets in Unauthorized Areas
  350.09 Prohibit Abuse of Park Employees or Visitors
375 Regulation of Dogs and Animal Control
  375.01 Definitions
  375.02 Licensing Required
  375.03 Rabies Vaccination Required
  375.03A Rabies Vaccination Required-Ferrets
  375.04 Animals at Large or Untagged
  375.05 Harboring or Keeping Barking Dogs
  375.06 Animal Waste
  375.07 Animal Care and Cruelty to Animals
  375.07A Abatement of Violations
  375.08 Impound, Quarantine and Violation Notices
  375.09 Livestock at Large
  375.10 Commercial Animal Establishments-Permits and Inspections Required*
  375.11 Licensing Required-Pot-bellied Pigs
  375.12 Exotic/Wild Pets-Permit Required*
  375.13 Inspection Required-Circuses & Theatrical Exhibitions
  375.14 Disposition of Carcasses
  375.15 Enforcement
  375.16 Penalties
  Permit Fees
  Commmerical Animal Establishment Permit Application
  Exotic Animal Permit Application
375A Amending Animal Regulations
400 Zoning
  2-695 Ordinance Authorizing Issuance of Citations for Certain Ordinance Violations
  400.01 Zoning
  400.02 Subdivision
  400.03A Floodplain
  400.05A Fair Housing-CDBG
  400.06 Iowa County Sanitary Ordinance
  400.07 Shoreland Protection Ordinance
  7-0717 Amending Shoreland Protection Ordinance
  400.09 Manure Storage
  400.10 Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation (Revised 4/07)
  400.11 Height of Structures and Trees in the Vicinity of the Iowa County Airport, Mineral Point, Wisconsin
  400.12 Regulating the Height of Structures and Trees in the Vicinity of the Tri-County Regional Airport, Lone Rock, Sauk County, Wisconsin
  400.13 Mobile Tower Sitting Ordinance
  400.14 Iowa County Address and Road Name
  400.15 Iowa County Comprehensive Plan
  400.16 Iowa County Airport Zoning Ordinance
  400.17 Wind Energy Siting Ordinance
500 Emergency Government
  500.01 Civil Defense
  500.02 Assembly
600 Miscellaneous
  5-1195 Iowa County Declares Itself to be a Self-Organized County
  600.01 Abusive Language
  600.02 Drug Abuse
  600.03 Worthless Checks;
  600.04 Fraud
  600.05 Weapons
  600.06 Theft
  600.07 Damage to Property
  600.08 Noise
  600.09 Trespass to Land
  600.10 Citation Use
  600.11 Governing County Public Records Requests
  600.12 County Records Retention
  600.13 Preference Former Owner – Tax Deed Purchase
  600.14 County Supervisory Districts
  600.15 Regulation of Private Alarm System
  600.16 Tattoo Artist Regulation
  600.17 Prohibit Possession of 25 Grams or Less of Marijuana
  600.18 Regulating Trail Use on the Tri-County Cheese Country Trail
  600.18A Amending Ordinance No. 600.18
  600.18B All-Terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicle Route Ordinance
  600.20 Prohibiting Hunting within 500 yards of Buildings at County Farm (Revised 5/07)
  600.21 Closing Hours at the Iowa County Farm Pond
  600.22 Prohibiting Certain Traffic at the Iowa County Courthouse Pocket Park
  600.23 Alcoholic Beverages; Restrictions Related to Underage Persons
  600.24 Ordinance Restricting the Sale or Gift of Cigarettes or Tobacco Products to Persons Under the Age of 18
  600.25 Establishing Penalty on Overdue or Delinquent Real Estate Taxes and Special Assessments for County Treasurer
  600.26 An Ordinance Regulating or Prohibiting Smoking In and Around County Buildings, Property, and In County Owned Vehicles
  600.27 Prohibition of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  600.28 Iowa County Broadband Forward Ordinance
  600.29 Iowa County Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing Ordinance
700 Personnel
  701 Ethics Code
800 Transportation
  800.01 Tri-County Airport
  800.02 Highway Access Ordinance
  800.03 Iowa County Airport Rule and Regulations
  800.04 Minimum Standards For Commercial Aeronautical Activities
  800.05 Implements of Husbandry to Comply with Weight Limits
  800.06 Annual County Vehicle Registration Fee
900 Juvenile
  900.01 Prohibit Truancy
  900.02 Prohibit Habitual Truancy
  900.03 Prohibit Dropping out of School
  900.04 Prohibit Contributing to Truancy
Ordinance No. 14 Authorizing a County Sales Tax
Ordinance No. 6 State Traffic Laws Adopted
* See Permit Fees