Iowa County Airport

Mineral Point, Wisconsin 1177' MSL
42° 53.12' N  90° 13.92' W








The Iowa County Airport provides full service or self-serve 100LL and Jet-A fueling, available 24 hours a day with your credit card. As you know, our fuel prices have been some of the lowest in the area, and we hope to continue that trend into the future. Our pilots lounge is always open (24hrs) for your traveling convenience/comfort! Don’t forget we also have a courtesy car available for your use and / or you can call Enterprise car rental at 608-935-7878 (they deliver cars to the airport).


For those of you interested in finding a new home for your aircraft, we have sites ready to build on with reasonable leases. We are also currently polling for interest in T-hangar rentals. Please let us know if you have any interest in renting or leasing a T-hangar unit for your aircraft. There are a lot of things happening at the airport right now, feel free to let us know if you want to be a part of it. For those interested in doing business here at the airport we have a new set of Minimum Standards (adopted in May 2009) for which to operate your business under.


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Airport Facilities and Services Available
Runway 11-29 5000' X 75' paved
Runway 4-22 3601' X 60' paved
AWOS 118.525
(608) 987-2157
GCO 121.725 GRB FSS (On Field)
MRJ NDB 365 (On Field)
Fuel & Services:
100LL $5.20/gallon
JET-A $4.20/gallon




  • 4 GPS Approaches, NDB Approach
  • Deer Fence
  • 24hr Snow Removal
  • Courtesy Car
  • Weathermation Station
  • 24hr Lounge, Restrooms, Free Coffee
  • Fly in Camping Available (fly in only)
  • For more (MRJ) airport information go to or




8 a.m - 5 p.m.

Monday - Friday


Kevin King

3151 State Rd. 39

Mineral Point, WI 53565

Identifier MRJ

(608) 987-9931 (Kevin)

(608) 553-7571 (Kevin)

(608) 341-8455 (Mark)