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Iowa County Emergency Management is available to speak to your organization. If you would like a presentation on Disaster Preparedness, the Iowa County Public Safety Communications System, Disaster Planning, Response, Recovery and Mitigation or If a local government and would like a presentation on the subject of Disaster Planning please contact Keith Hurlbert with Iowa County Emergency Management. E-mail – icem@iowacounty.org or phone – 935-0329



Special Emergency Response Teams

Level B Hazardous Materials Response Team – development in progress

Tech Rescue Team – This team continues to grow and it now certified in Ropes, High/Low Angle Rope Rescue, Grain Bin Rescue and will soon be starting training for Confined Space.

Ground Search Team – 20 Person Team that can be called to respond to missing person searches in rural areas.




Wisconsin Emergency Management

Wisconsin Emergency Management specializes in Hazard Mitigation, Warning & Communications, Emergency Police Services, Emergency Fire Services, Disaster Response & Recovery, Hazardous Materials & EPCRA, Radiological Emergency Preparedness, and Exercise & Training for the State of Wisconsin.



Wisconsin Road Conditions

Dialing 511 provides you with free real-time travel conditions. Additionally, you can set your own personalized travel profiles to receive travel time and alert information.


Ready Wisconsin

ReadyWisconsin is an initiative of Wisconsin Emergency Management designed to educate and empower Wisconsinites to prepare for and respond to all kinds of emergencies including natural disasters and
potential terrorist attacks.


NOAA & National Weather Service

This link takes you to the National Weather Service site and directly to the Wisconsin Information.


State of Wisconsin

This website provides many different types of information relevant to Wisconsin residents and businesses.


Federal Websites


Preparedness for Kids

U.S. Fire Administration

Emergency Management Institute


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Information on Environment, Hunting, Burning etc...



Iowa County Emergency Services Association

Iowa County NIMS Training Guidelines

MABAS 124 - Carbon Monoxide Protocol

MABAS 124 - Exec Rep Incident Response

MABAS 124 - Scene Rehab Protocol


Fire Departments of Iowa County









Mineral Point




Fire Training Information


Wisconsin Emergency Management NIMS Compliant Training

National Fire Academy

Emergency Management Institute

Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


DNR Spill Information

DNR Burning Information



EMS First Responders

Arena Emergency Medical Services
111 David Circle
Arena WI 53503
License Level: EMT-Basic


Avoca Rural Emergency Medical Service
406 E. Main St.
Avoca WI 53506
License Level: EMT-Basic


Barneveld Area Rescue Squad
403 County Road ID
Barneveld WI 53507
License: EMT-Intermediate Technician
Barneveld EMS


Dodgeville Area Ambulance Service
100 E. Fountain St.
Dodgeville WI 53533
License Level: EMT-Intermediate Technician



Village of Highland Ambulance Service
720 Dodgeville St.
Highland WI 53543
License Level: EMT-Intermediate Technician


Mineral Point Rescue Squad
907 Ridge St.
Mineral Point WI 53565
License Level: EMT-Intermediate Technician


Cobb First Response
Cobb, Wisconsin
Chief Jim Riemenapp


Hollandale First Response
Hollandale Wisconsin


Linden First Response
Linden, Wisconsin


Rewey First Response


Ridgeway First Response
Ridgeway, Wisconsin



Law Enforcement

Iowa County Sheriff's Department


Arena Police Department


Avoca Police Department


Barneveld Police Department


Dodgeville Police Department


Ridgeway Police Department


Mineral Point Police Department
226 Doty St.
Mineral Point WI 53565


Linden Police Department
444 Jefferson St.
Linden, WI 53553


Highland Police Department
530 Main St.
Highland WI 53543


Rewey Police Department
Officer Steve Jones



Grant Information

-- Iowa County awarded $40,000 for WISCOM Daily Operating System study.

-- Iowa County Fire Officers Association Awarded $8,100 for county wide Fire & EMS Accountability System

-- Iowa County Emergency Management Awarded $5,700 for Communications Center Computer Upgrades

-- Communications Van WISCOM Radio Grant award of $3,400

-- Emergency Operations Center WISCOM Radio Grant award of $4,500

-- Iowa County awarded additional $250,000 for 2008 Flood Assistance

-- $3,100 for Ridgeway Police Department squad Radio

-- $17,000 awarded for Portable Fingerprinting System

-- $39,313 awarded to Iowa County for Emergency Management costs

-- WISCOM Grant for communications system - $800,000

-- Subscriber Grant for Radio Equipment - $256,000

-- County Connections Grant for Dispatch Console - $22,000

-- Upgrade Grant - Iowa County Sheriff/EM - $127,000

-- AFG grant for Radio Equipment - $370,000

-- CDBG-EAP Flood Assistance Grant - $500,000


Local Government Disaster Assistance obtained:

02/01/2011 Blizzard  = $167,700

12/19/2012 Snow Storm = $242,513

06/22/2013 Flooding = $220,443 – More reimbursements coming



Preparedness and Awareness


Special Needs





Weather Radios

Lightning Safety

Flood Safety

Winter Safety

Heat Awareness




Fire Ground Blue, White, Red, Black, Gold, Gray.…..etc, what are these for?

Power Lines and Radio Transmissions

Radio Etiquette


What are the Hybrid Channels for?

What is the GATEWAY channel?

What is the IOTRVL talkgroup for?



Disaster Planning and Response for Local Officials

Elected Officials Guide to Emergency Management




For an appointment please call ahead at (608) 935-0329.


Keith Hurlbert, Coordinator

222 North Iowa Street

Dodgeville, WI 53533