Vehicle Registration Fee Tax

Implements of Husbandry Ordinance Information

Iowa County Invasive Species Tracking

Gypsy Moth spraying

Load Weight Restriction Changes

Road Closures & Construction

ATV-UTV on Highway Routes






ATV - Share the Road

ATV - Safety Information

2017 CTH K Road Construction and Closure Notice

US 18/151 Interchange Project

Twenty ton weight limit posted for WIS 130 bridge, Lone Rock

Southwest Wisconsin CWD, Deer and Predator Study Newsletter


To receive up to date state road condition information please call 1-800-ROADWIS (762-3947) or the Iowa County Highway Department at 608-935-3381.


For information on Wisconsin Highway's please click the following link Wisconsin Highways


Lost and Found

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If this item belongs to you please contact the Highway department at 608-935-3381




Winter - 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Begins on the first week of October)

Monday - Friday


Summer - 6 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Begins on the first week of May)

Monday - Thursday

With exception to the holiday weeks of Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day which are worked 6AM to 2PM – 4 8-hour days except the holiday of Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day.



Access Permit/Inspection Fees:
Extension/Renewal $50.00
Agricultural $175.00
Single Family $175.00
Multi-Family $325.00
Commercial $325.00
Roadway/Street Access $500.00
Work on Hwy. Right of Way:
Application Fee $50.00
Extension/Renewal $50.00
Inspection Fees:
Close road for Public Function $50.00
All Others $50.00
Oversize $75.00
Overweight (single trip) $75.00
Overweight (annual/unit)
(limit 200,000 lbs.) May be changed.
Utility Permits:
Application Fee $75.00
Extension/Renewal $50.00
Inspection Fees (if needed):
Service Drop (First 25' trenching included) $75.00
Boring (each) $100.00
Open cut (each) $425.00
Contractor Closing Road (daylight hrs/per day) $75.00
Vault or other structure $75.00
Trenching (First 200') $125.00
Trenching (each additional mile or fraction thereafter) $100.00
New Pole installation (each) $35.00



Vehicle Registration Fee Tax

Where have all the vehicle registration fee dollars gone? Powerpoint presentation for the Iowa County Board on 4-19-2016

Iowa County Registration Fees by Vehicle

Annual County Vehicle Reg Fee Ordinance

Vehicle Registration

Registration Fee Fact Sheet

Vehicle Registration Fee to Fund Iowa County Road Improvements

2010 Iowa County Registered Vehicles

CTH E Mifflin Bridge B-0362 (Image 1, 2, 3)

CTH Y Bridge (Image 1, 2)

2015-18 STP and LRIP Project Backlog



Implements of Husbandry Ordinance Information

Proposed Option E Opt In Permit Process for Category B IoH Ordinance

Summary of 2013 AB509 IOH Legislative Revisions

IOH Permit Matrix Opt-in Opt-out

AB 509 Weight Chart IoH2

Axle Measurements

IOH Legislation Summary and No-Fee Permit Opt-in or Out Matrix

mv2582 IOH-Implements of Husbandry Permit

mv2583 No Fee Ag CMV-Commercial Motor Vehicle Permit

For more information pertaining to agriculture no fee permit please visit http://www.dot.state.wi.us/business/ag/permits.htm



Iowa County Invasive Species Tracking

Plant Survey Instructions

Roadside Invasive Plant Tracking Form (This can be filled out online)

Common Invasive Species to Track

Less Common Invasive Species to Track

Patrol Districts for Invasive Monitors



Gypsy Moth Spraying

Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Information For Your Area

Iowa County Gypsy Moth Spraying Sites 2012 by WDNR

For more information on the Gypsy Moth spraying call 1-800-642-6684 or click here.



Load Weight Restriction Changes

2018 Spring Weight Limits Notice

Iowa County Township Seasonal Load Posting List

Iowa County Current Bridge Postings



Road Closures & Construction

Motorists can use several strategies to get through construction zones with a minimum of stress:

Buckle up for safety.

- Know where construction zones are located and allow extra time to get through them.

- Avoid peak travel hours. 

- Watch for special messages on electronic message boards as you approach construction zones.

- Slow down, get into the correct lane early, and merge cautiously.

- Stay alert for surprise slow-downs.

- Take an alternate route. 

In the event of inclement weather, some construction operations may be delayed. 



ATV-UTV on Highway Routes

Maps of on-highway ATV-UTV routes for Southwest Wisconsin

Grant County

Green County

Iowa County

Lafayette County


Orders for adoption of CTH's for ATV-UTV usages

ATV-UTV Order for Iowa County CTH B

ATV-UTV Order for Iowa County CTH DD-K-F

ATV-UTV Order for Iowa County CTH E-X

ATV-UTV Order for Iowa County CTH G

Amended Ordinance 600.18B Iowa County ATV-UTV Route Ordinance 04-21-2015




09-29-16 Just-Fix-It Presentation

USH18-151 Concrete Pavement Repairs September 2016

2014-2020 Capital Road and Bridge Improvement Plan

County Highway Fence Damage Policy

County Highway Mailbox Damage Policy

County Highway Snow and Ice Control Policy

06-02-2014 Transportation Committee Preventative Maintenance Presentation

06-17-2014 County Board highway Operations Powerpoint

Permit to Close County Road for a Public Function

Adopt-A-Highway Application Permit

Highway Access Control Ordinance 

Driveway App Instructions

Driveway Access Types

Driveway Application (Printable)

Open Records Request Form

Close Road for Public Function Permit

Extension for Driveway Permit

Open-Cut Road Permit

Oversize & Overweight Permit with Map

Utility Permit

Utility Accommodation Policy

Work in Right of Way Permit


Mailbox Installation Guide and Policy:

    - Mailbox Installation Guidelines

    - Mailbox Installation Standards

    - Mailbox Damage




If you have any comments or concerns please fill out our online Citizen Concern Form.


Winter - 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Begins on the first week of October)

Monday - Friday


Summer - 6 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Begins on the first week of May)

Monday - Thursday


The department will work four 8-hour days on holiday weeks.


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Dodgeville, WI 53533

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Fax 608-935-0372


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Highway Commissioner

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Randy Sudmeier

Operations Manager

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Rachelle (Shelly) Schutt

Business Finance Manager

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