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Committee Meetings Calendar 2018

2017 Holiday Calendar

2018 Mileage Reimbursement Rate

2017 Mileage Reimbursement Rate

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS Online Paystub Software User - Documentation



Benefit Information and Forms

Benefit Summary

2016 Management/Non Rep Employee Benefit Summary

Deferred Compensation

Deferred Compensation Program Highlights

Deferred Compensation Investment Options

Deferred Compensation Roth Option

Dental Insurance

Ameritas Benefit Summary

Ameritas Enrollment Application

Ameritas Prescription Savings Information

Ameritas Prescription Savings Card

Ameritas Vision Savings

Disability Insurance

Madison National Life Disability Enrollment Form

Madison National Life Disability Evidence of Insurability

Madison National Life Disability Benefit Summary

Employee Assistant Program

Employee Assistance Program Brochure

Flexible Spending and Section 125

2018 Section 125-Flex Spending Enrollment Form

Flex Spending Packet

Flex Spending Information Packet 2016

Health Flexible Spending Account Rollover Information

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Application/Change Form

Health Insurance Premiums Contribution 2018 Resolution

2018 Employee Premium Contribution Schedule

2018 “It’s Your Choice”  Local Deductible Decision Guide

2018 “It’s Your Choice”  Health Insurance

2018 Health Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Booklet

Life Insurance Application

Life Insurance Rates Half Sheet

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Information Packet

Managed Time Off (MTO)

MTO Request Form

Vision Insurance

2018 VSP Vison Benefits Summary

VSP Vision Enrollment Form

Wisconsin Retirement System

Beneficiary Designation Form

Retirement Benefits Summary



Performance Management Software





Affordable Care Act Information

Affordable Care Act Letter

Affordable Care Act Notice



Employee Policies and Procedures

Social Media Policy

Suspension of Operations Policy

Iowa County Ethics Ordinance

Smoking Ordinance

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

FMLA & NON FMLA Leave Request Form

FMLA Certification for Employee's Health Condition - Federal

FMLA Certification for Family Member's Health Condition - Federal

FMLA Certification for Military Caregiver - Federal

FMLA Certification for Military Exigency - Federal

FMLA Certification - State

Volunteer Services Policy and Procedure

HIPAA Policy

HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice

Worker's Compensation Claim Kit

Worker's Compensation Claim Procedures

Worker's Compensation Nurse Line Phone Number: 1-855-650-6580

Facility Policy and Procedures



Financial Policies

Collections Policy

Carryover Funds Policy

Grant Funding Policy

Iowa County Working Capital Policy

Revised Iowa County Fixed Asset Policy

Iowa County Timesheet Policy



Wage Structure

2018 County Employee Adopted Pay Structure



Collective Bargaining

Sheriff’s Department Labor Agreement 2016-2019



County Board Resolutions

Iowa County Position Control Policy

Electronic Communications/Acceptable Usage Policy



Employee Forms

County Envelope

Payroll Status Change Form

2017 Expense Reimbursement Form

Hold Harmless Form

Charge Form

Taxable Meal Cost Reimbursement Form



Direct Deposit Form



Employment Handbook

Employment Handbook

Addendum Statement

Highway Addendum

Bloomfield Addendum